Since the first event (TNT2000) launched in Toledo (Spain) by Dr. Antonio Correia and Prof. Pedro A. Serena, the Organising Committee has been continuously evolving, and several institutions from different countries provided their support from 2000 to the present.

Since its infancy, the core of the Organising Committee is composed by the following individuals: Dr. Antonio Correia, Prof. Pedro A. Serena and Prof. Juan Jose Sáenz. However, the TNT Conference series is the successful consequence of a coordinated effort among several organising Institutions (14 worldwide in 2010) that jointly decide about several aspects of the conference and partially fund the TNT event.

One of the main objectives of the Trends in Nanotechnology conference is to provide a platform where young researchers can present their latest work and also interact with high-level scientists. For this purpose, the Organising Committee provides every year around 60 travel grants for students. In addition, more than 20 awards are given to young PhD students for their contributions presented at TNT. More than 60 senior scientists are involved in the selection process. Grants and awards are funded by the TNT Organisation in collaboration with several governmental or research institutions.

This high-level scientific meeting series aims, therefore, to present a broad range of current research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology worldwide as well as related policies (European Commission, etc.) and initiatives (iNANO, IEEE, GDR-E, FinNano, EU/FET nano, etc.). TNT events have demonstrated that they are particularly effective in transmitting information and establishing contacts among workers in this field. Graduate students fortunate to attend such events quickly learn the importance of interdisciplinary skills, thereby becoming more effective in their future research.
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