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CSInstruments, manufacturer specialized in the conception of Atomic Force Microscopes offers you many solutions in AFM.
With The Nano-Observer AFM, the best price/performance AFM, CSInstruments offers you the best AFM electrical measurements package with sMIM system (scanning microwave impendance microscopy) combined with ResiScopeTM (unique system able to measure resistance over 10 decades) and HD-KFMTM (optimized single pass KFM with higher sensitivity and resolution).
In addition to this electrical package, CSInstruments proposes you different environment modes (temperature, liquid measurements or environmental control) and multiple AFM modes (force modulation, conductive, magnetic, piezo, thermal…)
CSInstruments also distributes AFM probes (standard, electrical, magnetic, diamond…), compatible with all models of AFM and giving to your measurements an unbeatable performance and resolution.
For more information please visit www.CSInstruments.eu or contact us at info@csinstruments.eu

Springer Nature is one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers, home to an array of respected and trusted brands providing quality content through a range of innovative products and services. Springer Nature is the world’s largest academic book publisher and numbers almost 13,000 staff in over 50 countries. www.springernature.com


Raith is a leading precision technology solution provider for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam fabrication, nanoengineering and reverse engineering applications. Customers include universities and other organizations involved in various fields of nanotechnology research and materials science – as well as industrial and medium sized enterprises that use nanotechnology for specific product applications or produce compound semiconductors. www.raith.com

SURAGUS GmbH offers non-contact testing solutions for the thin film characterization (sheet resistance measurement & defect analysis) of TCO, nanowires, graphen, Cu, Al, Zn, for the structural analysis and grammature of carbon fiber materials (non-woven, carbon fiber fabrics, prepreg, CFRP) and for the material characterization of metal and alloy www.suragus.com


The Physical Electronics GmbH is a stable partner for high-tech companies located in Munich, Germany, more than 21 years. Our core values are market-oriented approach, continuous improvement and excellent customer support. The Marketing of innovative ideas and the sale & service of fascinating products is our daily business. Areas of our expertise are in AFM-IR, an innovative combination of sub 50nm high spatial resolution IR Spectrometry and AFM microscopy, Surface Science and Nanomechanical Testing. Providing the highest possible level of After Sales Support for our customers, we have established a very effective service organization able to meet the requirements of Industry, Institutes and Universities.www.phi-europe.com

Scienta Omicron provides customized solutions and advanced technologies for fundamental research in surface science and nanotechnology in the fields of

- scanning probe microscopy
- electron spectroscopy,
- thin film deposition and
- tailored system and instrumentation solutions

These capabilities are available in customized solutions from one source with worldwide sales and service groups. We work with leading researchers around the world and our products are known for their outstanding performance. Scienta Omicron is part of the Scienta Scientific Group. For more information please visit www.scientaomicron.com.

For further Information please contact
Scienta Omicron GmbH
Limburger Str. 75
65232 Taunusstein,
Tel.: +49 (0) 6128 987 0
mail: info@ScientaOmicron.com
Web: www.ScientaOmicron.com


HORIBA Scientific Your partner for analytical instrumentation and innovative spectroscopy: Raman, Ellipsometry, Fluorescence as well as elemental analysis including ICP and GDOES. In addition we offer optical spectroscopy components, gratings, detectors, monochromators and spectrographes. www.horiba.com