TNT2012 Exhibition

Nanotec Electronica is one of the leading companies in the Nanotechnology Industry. In only ten years Nanotec Electronica has established itself as one of the strongest companies that design, manufacture and supply Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM). Our highly qualified team uses cutting-edge technology in order to provide a cost-effective tool to gain access to the nanometer scale for both scientific and industrial communities. With its headquarters based in Spain and distributors located around the world, Nanotec ensures global presence and guarantees total customer satisfaction.

Nanotec´s Cervantes FullMode Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in its several configurations allows not only imaging samples with atomic precision but also the study of magnetic, electronic and mechanical properties at the nanoscale, making it a powerful tool for physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers willing to characterize their samples at the nanometer scale. Its robust design provides strong mechanical stability to ensure high imaging resolution, and its semi-automated and open design allows scientists to exploit the capability of SPM to its maximum for both research and academic purposes.

Nanotec Electronica also provides Dulcinea Control Systems, with an open and modular design that facilitates interfacing with any other standard AFM/SNOM/STM system available in the market. Highly versatile, it allows different modes of operation from Contact Mode to Frequency Modulation Mode and lithography ensuring a reliable and accurate performance of all SPM systems.

Nanotec has also developed and freely distributes SPM software WSxM. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy operation of SPM microscopes and data processing. WSxM is available for its free download at

If you have any questions, or want any information about Nanotec Electronica, please contact us at:

Centro Empresarial Euronova 3
Ronda de Poniente 12, 2º C 
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) SPAIN
Tel: +34-918043347
Raith manufactures high performance electron and ion beam lithography tools for nanotechnology applications in research and development. Raith tools are designed to meet the needs of researchers, designers, and engineers in both university and industry settings. Raith nanolithography products range from stand alone electron or ion beam lithography and nanoengineering tools (RAITH150TWO, e_LiNEplus, PIONEER, ionLiNE) to retrofit lithography attachments for SEM or SEM/FIB systems (ELPHY MultiBeam, ELPHY Plus, ELPHY Quantum).  Raith electron beam lithography tools are in use throughout the world. Customers such as ST Microelectronics, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston or the IBM Research Centre are among the Raith clientele. The Raith ELPHY pattern generator family has become a standard for SEM and FIB based nanolithography during past 30 years.

Raith GmbH
Exhibit Contact: Andreas REMSCHEID
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8 - PHOENIX West
44263 Dortmund- Germany
Phone: +49 (0)231 / 95004 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)231 / 95004 - 460
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IOP Publishing provides publications through which leading-edge scientific research is distributed worldwide. Since launch we have expanded rapidly to become one of the leading international STM publishers. We have a global reach, with offices in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Mexico City, Munich, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Wroclaw, Beijing and Tokyo as well as Bristol and London in the UK

Omicron Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology has been our everyday business since long before the term ever existed.

Founded in 1984 by Norbert Nold, Omicron started business by introducing the SPECTALEED and the legendary Ultra High Vacuum STM 1 as their first and highly successful products. The STM 1, which still delivers state-of-the-art performance even by today's standards in nearly 200 laboratories worldwide, firmly established Omicron's present position as the world market leader in UHV scanning probe microscopy.

Today, our products like, for example, the new NanoESCA or the UHV Gemini Column are right at the forefront of research. We are used to redefining the limits of the technically feasible again and again. More than 500 articles demonstrate this to the full. Many of them were published in leading journals such as Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters or Chemical Review Letters.

Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH
Limburger Str. 75
65232 Taunusstein GERMANY
Tel: 06128/987-0
Fax: 06128/987-185

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) ("Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior") is the Spanish Government agency serving Spanish companies to promote their exports and facilitate their international expansion, assisted by the network of Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Offices and, within Spain, by the Regional and Territorial Offices.

It is part of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade ("Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio").

España, Technology for life:
Irida Iberica is one of the youngest but most dynamic nanotechnology instruments providers in Spain. We introduce novel techniques and the best technological solutions for most of the nanotechnology applications challenges. Irida offers a unique value to price combination for a wide variety of surface analysis products like Optical Profilers or Atomic Force Microscopes, as well as the most versatile configurations for material science and biological samples analysis. Our products, manufactured by world leading companies, are some of the most sophisticated instruments in the market because of their cutting edge technology. But it is our service department that makes the difference because is what gives our clients the security of a nonstop research or production work.

Diligencia 9
28108 Madrid, Spain
Tel. +34911130824

nanoimmunotech is the first European company specialized in the functionalization, biological and physico-chemical characterization of nanoparticles.

Our main area of activity is focused on biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, cosmetic, veterinary and agro-food market and research groups interested in the use of nanostructures with potential biotechnological applications.

nanoimmunotech main objective is to become a world leader in Functionalization and Characterization of nanometric systems, offering products and services within the Biotechnology and Health sectors.
The company has highly qualified and internationally recognized human resources, state-of-the-art laboratory capabilities, standardized protocols and finally, the know how to perform proper supervision, advice and validation of different nanosystems, as a first step to the previous use of nanoparticles in biotechnological applications.

Anaïs Normand
Marketing Department
Edificio Cero Emisiones
Avenida de la Autonomía 7
50003 Zaragoza, Spain
Mobile: (+34) 610 182 755
Phone: (+34) 876 440 071
Fax: (+34) 876 440 200
Renishaw is a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, spectroscopy and precision machining. We develop innovative products that significantly advance our customers' operational performance - from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximising research capabilities and improving the efficacy of research procedures.

Renishaw manufactures a wide range of optical spectroscopy products, including: Raman microscopes, Raman analyzers for scanning electron microscopes, combined systems for Raman/SPM measurements etc...
Recent developments in ultra-fast imaging enables you to produce Raman chemical images far faster than has been possible before. Raman images that used to take hours to produce can now be created in minutes. This technology is perfectly suited to carbon measurements for Nanotechnology (Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes etc...)

Renishaw Ibérica, S.A.U.
Gavà Park
C. Imaginació, 3
08850 GAVÀ

Schaefer Techniques has a long history as a supplier of high performance and reliable scientific instruments. We provide a wide range of products in the fields of vacuum technology, scanning probe microscopy, surface and materials analysis. During the TNT conference, we will present mainly four different products:
  1. TT-AFM from AFM Workshop: the TT-AFM is a complete and affordable AFM for nanotechnology researchers, instruments innovators and teachers. Right out of the box, the TT-AFM includes all standard modes such as contact, dynamic, phase and lateral forces. All I/O electronic signals are accessible from rear panel connectors. With an open design, the LabView-based software is ready for custom applications.
  2. GBS smartWLI product family, white light interferometers: Two economical microscopes called smartWLI-Basic and smartWLI-Extended as well as an upgrade to existing microscopes called smartWLI-microscope are available. The strength of these instruments is the economical price as well as an extremely fast calculation algorithm which makes them the fastest WLI on the market! smartWLI allows non-contact measurement with nanometer accuracy.
  3. RHK Technology: RHK manufactures and supports customized, integrated UHV AFM/STM Systems and Controls used by University and Government Labs worldwide for advanced surface science research.  RHK products include the new all-digital, ultra-fast, ultra low-noise R9 Universal SPM Controller; multi-purpose Beetle VT (25-1500 K) AFM/STM; rugged PanScan LT AFM/STM for mK and high-Tesla applications; sophisticated QuadraProbe LT AFM/STM 4-Probe (<6 K) for electrical measurements and transport studies; and specialized Prep/Analysis chambers and instruments.
  4. Alemnis: In-situ SEM Indenter. Alemnis is specialized in developing, manufacturing and integrating customized instruments and tools for mechanical characterization and manipulation in all kinds of micro- and nanotechnology applications. The in-situ indenter is a compact test platform for in-situ materials characterization. It has been developed to work inside scanning electron microscopes as well as other types of microscopes. It includes long-range stick-slip piezoelectric actuators to position and test the samples with nanometer resolution.


Schaefer Techniques
1, rue du Ruisseau Blanc
F-91620 NOZAY
Tel : +33(0)1 64 49 63 50
e-mail :
Web :
nanotec red
Nanotec Red with offices in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and the USA is dedicated to the transfer of Nanotechnology solutions to the retail sector, industrial companies, big and SME companies, and government entities in Spanish speaking countries.

Our team of experts is in constant contact with companies and government entities interested in embracing advanced technology to achieve their objectives and they rely on Nanotec Red to find the best solutions.

Talk to Nanotec Red if you want representation in these countries representing over 500MM people and thousands of companies that will adopt Nanotechnology over the coming 10 years.
Rely on us, this is a great opportunity, don't let it pass.

Nanotec Red
Via Augusta 252 , planta 4, puerta A
08017 Barcelona
Tel: (+34) 902 009 469
Nanoinnova Technologies
NanoInnova Technologies SL ( is a spin-off company of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. NanoInnova Technologies designs, develops and commercializes Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) instruments for bottom up graphene synthesis and chemically modified graphene.

A range of raw materials such as graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, Palladium (0) nanoparticles supported in reduced graphene oxide, etc, are part of the Nanoinnova Technologies SL portfolio. Nanoinnova Technologies SL is involved in the development and commercialization of new catalyst for fine chemical transformations such as cross coupling reactions, nanostructured modification of electrodes, new stationary phases in purification and new supports and functionalities of biomolecules.

Nanoinnova Technologies SL

Science Park of Madrid
C/Faraday 7
Tel: +34 918317366