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Travel Info

How to get there?

By air
Arriving at Geneva Airport, Zurich Airport or Basle EuroAirport, take the train to Fribourg. The train station is situated directly inside the Geneva and Zurich airports, not at Basel-EuroAirport!! 

By rail

From Geneva to Fribourg, no transfer necessary, about 1 hour and a half trip; from Zurich Airport, on certain trains one must change at Zurich HB or in Bern, about 1 hour 40 min trip. 

From Basle EuroAirport to Fribourg, take the bus to the Swiss train station in Basle and then a train to Fribourg, transfer in Bern, 1 hour and 55 min trip.

Fribourg is on the line going from Geneva to Zurich. Length of trip: from Geneva 1:20: from Lausanne 40 minutes; from Bern 20 minutes; from Zurich HB 1:30 (with some trains transfers in Bern or Olten). More info

By car
Take the highway A12 between Bern and Lausanne.


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