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  08:00-09:00 REGISTRATION
  09:00-09:15 TNT2012 Opening Ceremony - Welcome and Introduction
(Chairman: Juan Jose Saenz)
  09:15-09:45    Uzi Landman (Georgia Tech, USA) K
  "Emergent non-scalable behavior in the nanoscale"
  09:45-10:15    Masakazu Aono (MANA / NIMS, Japan) K
  "Synaptic characteristics of the atomic switch"
  10:15-10:45    Rodolfo Miranda (UAM/IMDEA Nanociencia, Spain) K
  "Evidence for magnetic order in a purely organic 2D layer adsorbed on epitaxial graphene"
  10:45-11:15 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  11:15-11:45    Antonio Luque (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)   K
  "Quantum Dot Intermediate Band Solar Cells: Issues for an Attractive Concept"
  11:45-12:15    Peter Gruetter (McGill University, Canada)  K
  "What can AFM tell us about organic photovoltaic systems?"
  12:15-12:30    Laetitia Philippe (EMPA Materials Science & Technology, Switzerland) O
  "Urchin-inspired zinc oxide as building blocks for nanostructured solar cells"
  12:30-13:00    Yoshio Ukyo  (Toyota R&D Labs, Japan) K
  "Microstructural change of li(NiCo)O2 based materials of li ion battery during charge and discharg"
  13:00-13:15    Paolo Bondavalli (Thales Research and Technology, France) O
  "Electrodes based on mixture of Graphene/Graphite/Carbon nanotubes obtained by a new dynamic spray-gun   technique for supercapacitor related applications"
  13:15-13:30    Andreu Cabot (IREC, Spain) O
   "I2–II–IV–VI4 Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties"
Cocktail Lunch (offered by TNT2012)- Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition
  15:00-15:30    Christian Joachim (CEMES/CNRS - GNS, France) K
   "Design of Atom and Single Molecule Boolean Logic gates"
  15:30-16:00    Marek Szymonski (Jagiellonian University/NANOSAM, Poland)  K
   "Atomically precise construction and electronic properties of dangling-bond nanostructures on hydrogen passivated    Ge(001) surface"
  16:00-16:30    We-Hyo Soe (IMRE / A*STAR, Singapore) K
  "Manipulation of molecular quantum states in an STM tunneling junction using classical metal atom inputs"
  16:30-16:45    Carlos Arroyo Rodríguez (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) O
  "Quantum interference effects on charge transport through a single benzene ring"
Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition
  17:30-18:00    Michael Fluss (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) K
  "Nano-dispersed particles in Fe(Crx) and their performance under dual (He+Fe) and triple (H+He+Fe) ion beam   irradiation"
  18:00-18:30    Ovidio Y. Peña Rodríguez (IFN - ETSII Madrid /UPM, Spain) K
  "Plasmonic nanoparticles for the protection of the final optics in inertial confinement fusion facilities: Capabilities   and limitations"
  18:30-18:45    Nuria Gordillo García (Instituto de Fusión Nuclear/ ETSI de Industriales-UPM, Spain) O
  "Nanostructured tungsten as a first wall material for the future nuclear fusion reactors"
  18:45-19:15    Fco. Javier Llorca (IMDEA Materiales, Spain) K
  "Nanoscale Metallic and Metal-Ceramic Multilayers for Radiation-Resistant Applications"

  09:00-09:30    Roch Espiau de Lamaestre (CEA-Leti, France) K
  "Integration of plasmonics within a CMOS environment"
  09:30-10:00    Javier García de Abajo (IQFR-CSIC, Spain) K
  "Graphene plasmonics"
  10:00-10:15    Pablo Alonso González (CIC nanoGUNE Consolider, Spain) O
  "Optical nano-imaging of gate-tuneable graphene plasmons"
  10:15-10:30    Luis S. Froufe-Pérez (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Spain) O
  "Light emission statistics as a local probe for structural phase switching"
  10:30-11:00 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  11:00-11:15   Julio Plaza (Technological Institute "La Marañosa" (Ministry of Defense), Spain) O
  "Strategies and activities in nano"
  11:15-11:45   Antonio Hernando (Universidad Complutense, Spain)   K
  "Metallic microwires as non-reflective microwave systems"
  11:45-12:15   Fernando Calle Gomez (ISOM and ETSI Telecomunicación / UPM, Spain) K
  "Nanotechnology for high frequency communications: nitrides and graphene"
  12:15-12:30   Carlos Rivera  (Technological Institute "La Marañosa" (Ministry of Defense), Spain) O
  "Graphene potentialities for space and defense applications: focus on mechanical properties"
  12:30-13:00   Marcus Semones (WaveGuide Corp., USA)
  "WaveGuide's u-NMR and Magnetic Nanoswitches for Security and Defense Applications"
  13:00-13:30   Tiziana Bond (Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA) K
  "Plasmonic to enhance sense and sensitivity at the nanoscale"
  13:30-15:00 Lunch  
  15:00-15:30    Philippe Ghosez (Université de Liège, Belgium) K
  "Coupling of lattice modes in oxides superlattices: Wedding of three."
  15:30-16:00    Jeffrey B. Neaton (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)  K
  "Understanding Electronic Structure and Charge Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions"
  16:00-16:30    Alessandro Troisi (University of Warwick, UK)  K
  "Atomistic Models of Charge Separation and Recombination in Organic Photovoltaics Interfaces"
  16:30-17:00    Daniel Sanchez Portal (CFM/EHU-CSIC, Spain) K
  "TDDFT simulations of the energy loss of moving projectiles in solids and nanostructures"
  17:00-17:15    Virginia Estevez (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain) O
  "Angular dependence of the tunneling magnetoresistance in nanoparticle arrays"
  17:15-18:00 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  18:00-18:30    Laurens W. Molenkamp (Wurzburg University, Germany) K
  "Dirac fermions in HgTe quantum wells"
  18:30-19:00    Eugene Choulkov (DIPC - UPV/EHU, Spain) K
  "Electronic Stucture of Topological Insulators"
  19:00-19:15    David Soriano (Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN), Spain) O
  "Disorder-induced Randomization of Spin Polarization and Interfacially Protected Surface States in   Three-  dimensional Models of Topological Insulators"
  19:15-19:30    Pablo San Jose (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (CSIC), Spain) O
  "AC Josephson effect in finite-length nanowire junctions with Majorana modes"

  08:45-09:00    Mariusz Zdrojek (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) O
  "Laser heating control with polarized light in isolated multi-walled carbon nanotubes"
  09:00-09:15    Aron W. Cummings (Sandia National Laboratories, United States) O
  "Enhanced Performance of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors Due to Gate-Modulated Electrical Contact   Resistance"
  09:15-09:30    Helena Varela (Universidad de Alicante, Spain) O
  "Monitoring the oxygen content in graphene oxide"
  09:30-10:00    Richard Martel (Université de Montreal, Canada) K
  "Environmental Effects in Carbon Nanotube and graphene-based Transistors"
  10:00-11:45 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  11:45-12:15    Francisco Guinea (ICMM-CSIC, Spain) K
  "Interaction effects in graphene heterostructures"
  12:15-12:45    Toshiaki Enoki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) K
  "Electronic properties of graphene edges"
  12:45-13:00    Gabino Rubio-Bollinger (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) O
  "Mechanical properties of freely suspended atomically thin dielectric layers of mica"
  13:00-13:30    Jean-Christophe Charlier (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) K
  "Electronic properties and quantum transport in doped and defective graphene"
  13:30-15:00 Lunch  
  15:00-15:30    Stephan Götzinger (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany)  K
  "Optical antennas: nanoscience meets quantum optics"
  15:30-16:00    Francisco José García Vidal  (UAM, Spain) K
  "Light-matter coupling mediated by surface plasmons"
  16:00-16:15    Dan Lis (University of Namur - FUNDP, Belgium) O
  "Nanopillars as Plasmonic Platform to Enhance Nonlinear Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy"
  16:15-16:30    Manuel Marqués (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) O
  "Plasmonic nanoparticle chain in a light field: a resonant optical sail"
  16:30-17:15 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  17:15-19:15   Parallel Sessions (Seniors & PhD Students)  
  Conference Dinner
  Poster Award Ceremony

  13:30-14:00    Jean-Louis Mergny (INSERM U869 - Universite Bordeaux Segalen, France) K
   "Unusual nucleic acid structures for DNA-based nanotechnologies."
  14:00-14:30    Tibor Hianik (Comenius University, Slovakia) K
   "Application of nanostructures in aptamer based biosensors"
  14:30-15:00    Takao Aoyagi (MANA / NIMS, Japan) K
  "Molecular design of Smart Biomaterials for Nano Life"
  15:00-15:30    Dietmar Pum (BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria) K
  "S-layer proteins as patterning elements in the life and non-life sciences"
  15:30-16:00    Kurt Gothelf (Aarhus University, Denmark) K
   "DNA programmed assembly of molecules"
  16:00-16:15    Cheng-An Lin (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan) O
  "Rapid Conversion from Protein-Caged Nanomaterials to Microbubbles: A Sonochemical Route toward Bimodal   Imaging Agents"
  16:15-17:15 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  17:15-19:15   Parallel Sessions (Seniors & PhD Students)  

  08:30-09:00    Anwar Hasmy (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela)  K
   "Nanotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Situation and perspective"
  09:00-09:15    Joaquin Tutor (Mechanical Engineering/ ETSI-ICAI Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain) O
   "Present and Perspectives on Dissemination and Training in Nanotechnology in IberoAmerica: Red NANODYF –          CYTED"
  09:15-09:45    Juan Rodriguez (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Peru) K
   "Supported Nanomaterials for Photocatalytic Water disinfection at rural areas: From Lab. Scale to on site                experiments"
  09:45-10:15    Eduardo M. Bringa (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina) K
   "Multiscale simulations of irradiated nanofoams"
"High spatial resolution spectroscopies under SPM probe" session (Chairman: Didier Tonneau)
  10:15-10:45    Akira Saito (OSAKA University, Japan)  K
   "Nanoscale elemental analysis and applications using STM combined with brilliant hard X-rays"
  10:45-11:00    Mal Dehlinger (CNRS-CINaM, France) O
   "Towards sub-100nm resolution chemical mapping by XRF combined to simultaneous topography"
  11:00-12:00 Coffee Break - Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  12:00-12:30   Juris Purans (University of Latvia, Latvia) K
   "Near field X-ray spectromicroscopies: new tools for nanoscience"
  12:30-13:00    Masashi Ishii (National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan) K
   "Nano-probing of the surface excited by keV photon: What should we detect for high spatial resolution?"
  13:00-13:30    Volker Rose (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) K
   "New Capabilities at the Interface of X-rays and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy"
  13:30-14:30   Cocktail Lunch (offered by TNT2012)- Poster Session - Instrument Exhibition PS
  14:30-14:45   Hiroshi Yao (University of Hyogo, Japan) O
   "Postsynthetic Asymmetric Transformation of Boronic-Acid-Protected Gold Nanoclusters Studied by Magnetic             Circular Dichroism (MCD) and Electronic Circular Dichroism (ECD)"
  14:45-15:00   Mari Cruz Garcia Gutierrez (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, IEM-CSIC, Spain) O
   "Tuning physical properties of polymers by nanoconfinement"
  15:00-15:15   Philippe Tamarat (LP2N, Université de Bordeaux, Institut d'Optique Graduate School & CNRS, France) O
   "Efficient biexciton emission in single CdSe nanocrystals"
  15:15-15:45   Silvano de Franceschi (CEA, France)  K
   "Silicon-based quantum electronics"
  15:45-16:15   Takashi Uchihashi (NIMS, Japan) K
   "Superconductivity at adatom/molecule-induced silicon surfaces and interfaces"
Closing remarks & TNT2013 announcement
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